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love thy nature - film - documentary - liam neeson
Love Thy Nature – Official Trailer
happening - clean energy - renewable energy - energy solutions - documentary - green film festival - green media - education - inspiration - an organic conversation - helge hellberg
Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution – Official Trailer
not without us - documentary - paris climate agreement - film - green media - climate change - grassroots - activists - enviornmentalism - an organic conversation - education - inspiration - helge hellberg
Not Without Us – Official Trailer
4 wheel bob - documentary - film - inspiration - green media - wheelchair hiker - hiking
4 Wheel Bob – Official Trailer
symphony for nature - documentary - crater lake - music - orchestra - drums - connection - interconnectedness - music - nature - film - green film festival
Symphony for Nature – Official Trailer
The Human Longevity Project – Official Trailer
into the okavango - documentary - wetlands - water - conservation - wildlife - africa - green media - education - inspiration - helge hellberg - green film festival
Into the Okavango – Official Trailer
The Life of Visionary Food Writer Patience Gray

Ever heard of Patience Gray? If you have – good for you! And if you haven’t, you are still most likely affected by her passion and work every day, as this woman has defined our modern way of eating and…

Aloe Vera: The King of Botanicals

Said to be used by Cleopatra on a daily basis as part of her beauty regime, aloe vera has also been relied on for centuries for its healing properties. Also known as the “burn plant,” “lily of the desert” or the…

How to Protect Your Pets from Environmental Toxins and Hazards

Every day our pets walk on, roll in, lick and sniff everything in their environment, including hazards ranging from chemical household cleaners and pesticides to perfumes and room deodorizers. These irritants are either ingested or absorbed into their skin, ears…

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california after the fires - california wildfires - wine country fires - california fires wine country - california vineyard fires - northern california wildfires - northern california wildfires wine country
California After the Fires: Lessons from a Biodynamic Vineyard

Last fall, Southern and Northern California experienced the worst fires in its recorded history. Fires are part of the ecological cycle, even necessary in the cycle of life. And yet, the devastation last year’s California fires left behind was unprecedented.…

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