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the last prosecco - new italian cinema - san francisco italian film festival - green media - green living - environmental protection - environmentalism - an organic conversation - helge hellberg - education - inspiration
The Last Prosecco – Official Trailer
an inconvenient sequel - documentary - al gore - film - green media - green living - education - inspiration - an organic conversation - helge hellberg
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power – Official Trailer
not without us - documentary - paris climate agreement - film - green media - climate change - grassroots - activists - enviornmentalism - an organic conversation - education - inspiration - helge hellberg
Not Without Us – Official Trailer
The Last Italian Cowboy - free range livestock - free range - free range cattle - organic agriculture - organic farming - documentary - italian film festival - green media - green living - inspiration - education - helge hellberg - an organic conversation
The Last Italian Cowboys – Official Trailer
a plastic ocean - plastic ocean - documentary - plastic pollution - ocean - plastic - pollution - documentary - film - education - green media - green living - an organic conversation - helge hellberg
A Plastic Ocean – Official Trailer
happening - clean energy - renewable energy - energy solutions - documentary - green film festival - green media - education - inspiration - an organic conversation - helge hellberg
Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution – Official Trailer
the harvest - documentary - musical - field workers - migrant workers - italy - india - punjab - workers rights - agriculture - food production - green media - green film festival - inspiration - education - an organic conversation - helge hellberg
The Harvest – Official Trailer
Five Rules for Fasting During the Holiday Season

Shortly after Halloween Day passes, I start to notice changes in friends and clients’ eating behavior. Suddenly, they become more concerned (and rightfully so!) about the upcoming holiday season and associated potential for weight gain and vow to cut out…

Rice Pudding for Anyone and Everyone

  Whether simple or decadent, this sweet treat has a variation that’s sure to please you. Find Chef Sita’s favorite, basic recipe for rice pudding here, and then get creative! For a soothing, sweet flavor, add ginger and chopped dates. Stir in…

Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Here are some fun Mother’s Day breakfast in bed recipes to create a great morning for Mom. And remember: she shouldn’t have to lift a finger. Mother’s Day Menu Tea & Coffee w/ honey, sugar, lemon, cream – however she…

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honor our planet - honor yourself - planet earth - nature - film - documentary - liam neeson - education - inspiration - green media - green living - helge hellberg - an organic conversation
How Can We Honor Our Planet and Ourselves?

In the world of news and politics and social and environmental justice we, as a culture, often focus disproportionately on what is not working. From a deeply human perspective, the film Love Thy Nature brings the balance back in focusing…

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