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Orange-Scented Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding

Fresh vanilla bean rice pudding with orange zest is a warm, comforting and vegan version of a traditional comfort food. Orange-Scented Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding Yield: about eight ½ cup servings Ingredients…

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A Hawaiian Foodie Adventure (Part II)

My Hawaiian Foodie Adventure Part II Welcome to Heidi’s Hawaiian foodie adventure Part II with the Epic5 Ultra Runners! Molokai “The Friendly Island” Of all the inter-island flights we took during the event, flying from Oahu to Molokai is a clear standout…

Your Guide to Winter Squash

Winter squash makes a beautiful decoration but it is also tasty and nutritious. Curious about the different varieties available? In this episode, Chef Sita and Earl Herrick from Earl’s Organic Produce give us a quick guide to winter squash. Originally…

A Quick, Helpful Guide to Citrus

Chef Sita and Earl Herrick of Earl’s Organic Produce show us different varieties of citrus and explain the differences between each type. Check out this short, helpful guide to citrus and then try one of these delicious citrus salad recipes. Originally…

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Chasing Coral is a Must Watch Film on Oceans and Climate Change

Climate change affects all of us. In this podcast episode, we are entering a world that many of us will never witness. The stunningly beautiful world of coral reefs. Like tropical birds underwater, corals are strange, incredible. We will learn…

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