About Us

An Organic Conversation™ (AOC™) is a global media company dedicated to educate and inspire its audience on healthy living, organic food, green solutions, and sustainability.

AOC is the trusted source for information and education that makes a healthy, green lifestyle easy and accessible. AOC is creating and curating positive and inviting content through a Language of Possibility®.

We are passionate about promoting conscious decisions and experiences, believing in the power of inspired and educated individuals as the greatest change agents for creating a healthier world.

We celebrate peace and equality for people of all creeds, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and beliefs.


The Change We Seek

An Organic Conversation seeks to change the current conversation.

By creating and curating exceptional content and inspiring stories from eco-savvy people all over the world, AOC celebrates the intrinsic human qualities of dedication, beauty, and care that we all have in common.

By sharing the whole story of a company, product, and its ingredients, AOC helps people understand the full lifecycle of their purchases and the responsibility for all of our decisions.


Why We Adhere to B Corp Standards

We believe that sustainable change happens through people, community, and the right commerce. The community of Certified B Corporations is creating a world where products and services help shape a standard of business that is based on transparency and responsibility, which directly and immediately influences the quality of our lives now and for generations to come.

We see business as a cultural exchange, an opportunity to educate, and a chance to make the world a better place, by offering alternatives for the daily vote with each dollar we spend – values B Corp stands for and promotes. 

An Organic Conversation – The Trusted Source for Conscious Living

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