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current revolution - green energy - clean energy - grid - green media - green film festival - education - inpiration - helge hellberg - an organic conversation - renewable energuy - solar power - renewables
Current Revolution – Official Trailer
the harvest - documentary - musical - field workers - migrant workers - italy - india - punjab - workers rights - agriculture - food production - green media - green film festival - inspiration - education - an organic conversation - helge hellberg
The Harvest – Official Trailer
happening - clean energy - renewable energy - energy solutions - documentary - green film festival - green media - education - inspiration - an organic conversation - helge hellberg
Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution – Official Trailer
symphony for nature - documentary - crater lake - music - orchestra - drums - connection - interconnectedness - music - nature - film - green film festival
Symphony for Nature – Official Trailer
the last prosecco - new italian cinema - san francisco italian film festival - green media - green living - environmental protection - environmentalism - an organic conversation - helge hellberg - education - inspiration
The Last Prosecco – Official Trailer
not without us - documentary - paris climate agreement - film - green media - climate change - grassroots - activists - enviornmentalism - an organic conversation - education - inspiration - helge hellberg
Not Without Us – Official Trailer
wildland - fire fighters - wildfires - california fires - an organic conversation - helge hellberg - education - inspiration - green media - green living - documentary - sf indie film festival
Wildland – Official Trailer
What it Takes to Make the Journey from Casual Jogger to Ultra-Runner

For many years, I reserved the ‘runner’ title for those who ran often, usually fast, and/or trained for marathons. Many years later, I realized I was always a runner. From those first strides as an adolescent, with intentions to keep…

A Homemade BBQ Sauce So Delicious, You’ll Never Buy Store Bought Again

There’s no lack of opportunities for adding barbecue sauce to your favorite dishes. So, why not skip the added sugars and preservatives and whip up your own homemade BBQ Sauce that will impress your family and friends? Homemade BBQ Sauce…

Kitchen Tools We Just Can’t Live Without

We’ve got another round-up coming your way, and it’s all about what keeps us sane in the kitchen. If you’re practicing any sort of whole foods diet, trying to save money, but also eat healthy, doing our gentle detox Prescribe 20…

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soil - ecology - micro-organisms - interconnectivity
Life Beneath the Surface: How Soil Connects Us

There is a universe beneath our feet – billions of micro-organisms in a teaspoon full of healthy, organic soil. Fungi, earthworms, bacteria, nematodes, and other organisms, arranging themselves in a constantly changing world of death and live, dormancy and decay…

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