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complicit - documentary - film - san francisco green film festival
Complicit – Official Trailer
the last prosecco - new italian cinema - san francisco italian film festival - green media - green living - environmental protection - environmentalism - an organic conversation - helge hellberg - education - inspiration
The Last Prosecco – Official Trailer
genesis - documentary - film - climate change - permafrost - global warming - bioenginering - wooly mammoths - dna - science - climate soultions
Genesis 2.0 – Official Trailer
devil we know - environment - documentary - toxins - birth defects - teflon - an organic conversation - education - inspiration - green living - green media - helge hellberg
The Devil We Know – Official Trailer
into the okavango - documentary - wetlands - water - conservation - wildlife - africa - green media - education - inspiration - helge hellberg - green film festival
Into the Okavango – Official Trailer
chasing ice - documentary - film - climate change
Chasing Ice – Official Trailer
love thy nature - film - documentary - liam neeson
Love Thy Nature – Official Trailer
The Ketogenic Diet is More Than Just Another Fad

By now you’ve probably seen many news headlines regarding the ketogenic diet (also commonly shortened to: ‘keto diet’). This high-fat, extremely low-carbohydrate diet promises a myriad of benefits. These include quick weight loss, metabolism reset, and blood-sugar stabilization. Perhaps more…

Citrus Salad Recipes that Boost Your Immune System

Oranges and grapefruit are easy to put in fruit salads and smoothies, but stretch the limits of your imagination and consider using these seasonal sensations in your savory dishes, as well. Segmented citrus in salads adds sweetness and acidity, providing…

Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality: A History of Women + Power

What would our society be without women? Impossible to comprehend, right? And yet, women have been marginalized for hundreds and hundreds of years. Fighting long and hard for equal pay, for voting rights, for a true recognition of their value…

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honor our planet - honor yourself - planet earth - nature - film - documentary - liam neeson - education - inspiration - green media - green living - helge hellberg - an organic conversation
How Can We Honor Our Planet and Ourselves?

In the world of news and politics and social and environmental justice we, as a culture, often focus disproportionately on what is not working. From a deeply human perspective, the film Love Thy Nature brings the balance back in focusing…

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