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As an ecologist and advocate for sustainable agriculture, Helge has been promoting organic food, human health, and environmental health for most of his career. When Helge is not hosting his radio show An Organic Conversation or working as Executive Coach on leadership development or communications, you will find him hiking somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. His contributions and projects have been featured in articles and TV segments on CNN, ABC, and CBS, the Huffington Post, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Mother Earth Magazine.

Organic Carrot Apple Dog Treats

If you like to spread the flavor of the season among your 4-legged family members as well, try this easy, healthy, and inexpensive recipe for carrot apple dog treats. Your furry friends will love it! Carrot Apple Dog Treats INGREDIENTS 2…

Minty Apple Kombucha Smoothie – Delicious, Healthy, and Guaranteed to Wake You Up!

Originating in Asia about 2,000 years ago, Kombucha contains a large number of healthy bacteria, or probiotics, making this drink incredibly beneficial to your heart, brain and most especially your gut. Get your morning started with this energizing and refreshing…

Life Beneath the Surface: How Soil Connects Us

There is a universe beneath our feet – billions of micro-organisms in a teaspoon full of healthy, organic soil. Fungi, earthworms, bacteria, nematodes, and other organisms, arranging themselves in a constantly changing world of death and live, dormancy and decay…

Eat your Citrus Every Day – And the White Stuff, Too!

Eat Your Citrus – It’s Full of Bioflavonoids Hundreds of different bioflavonoids have been identified in fruits and vegetables in recent years, and are extra abundant in the skin of citrus. Given that we didn’t know much about them just…

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