healthy chocolate avocado truffles - healthy snack - healthy dessert - avocado - truffles - recipe
Healthy Chocolate Avocado Truffles

Avocados offer significant amounts of over 20 different nutrients, putting them in the category of a superfood. They prevent blood clotting and regulate heart disease, help cellular growth and the immune system,…

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stroop - documentary - film - rhinoceros - rhino horns - africa - green film - green living - education 0 inspiration - organic conversation - helge hellberg
Stroop: Journey Into the Rhino Horn War
guardian - documentary - canadian government - waterways - salmon - enviornmental protection - ecology - an organic conversation - helge hellberg - education - inspiration - green media - green living
Guardian – Official Trailer
anote's ark - documentary - film - climate change - san francisco green film festival
Anote’s Ark – Official Trailer
the last prosecco - new italian cinema - san francisco italian film festival - green media - green living - environmental protection - environmentalism - an organic conversation - helge hellberg - education - inspiration
The Last Prosecco – Official Trailer
dolores - film p documentary - cesar chavez - social equality - social justice - racial eqiality - green media - an organic conversation - helge hellberg
Dolores – Official Trailer
youth v. gov - documentary - climate change - film - advocacy - youth - climate justice - climate litigation - green film - green living - an organic conversation - education - inspiration - helge hellberg
Youth v. Gov – Official Trailer
a plastic ocean - plastic ocean - documentary - plastic pollution - ocean - plastic - pollution - documentary - film - education - green media - green living - an organic conversation - helge hellberg
A Plastic Ocean – Official Trailer
The Art of Giving Simple Gifts

Running along the coast of the picturesque Maui shoreline, in the early morning hours, with an Epic5 Athlete will remain in my memory for a lifetime. The Epic5 Challenge, which consists of 5 full Iron Distance Triathlons on 5 Hawaiian…

Stroop: Journey Into the Rhino Horn War

In Africa and Asia, two filmmakers embed themselves on the front-lines of a species genocide when they are given exclusive access to the enforcement aspect of the war for rhino horn. From rangers, pilots and K9 units patrolling national parks…

A Guide to Therapeutic and Natural Healing with Essential Oils

Imagine there is a new world out there, a different dimension, right at your fingertips, that you could enter at any time, that can bring you joy, and pleasure, and healing. That world exists, and we will dive into that…

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off-grid ecosystems - farm from a box, sustainable farming
These Shipping Containers Create Innovative Off-Grid Ecosystems

There are plenty of challenges to food production, including access to land, the availability of clean water, and, the right infrastructure so that the farm can be functional and productive for months and years to come, for example, access to…

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