DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner Rinse That Will Make Your Hair Shine

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  1. Carly Tyner says:

    Been using a diluted apple cider vinegar conditioning rinse for a while now, and I love the purity and cleanliness I feel in my hair/scalp. I do it once or twice a week, and use an all natural dry shampoo (arrowroot powder, lavender essential oil, and cocoa powder!) if my hair starts to get a greasy look mid-week. I haven’t ever added any extra essential oils to the rinse, and must note that the ACV smell disappears once my hair dries. It’s a super affordable way to treat your hair right! I also like putting mine in a squeeze bottle so I have better control over the amount I’m using.

  2. Sherri Paynter says:

    thank you! I love natural products.

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