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Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS

Canine Nutrition Consultant & Healthy Pet Food Educator

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Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS, the Pet Food Diva (, is an award-winning canine health writer and canine nutritionist. Diana has co-authored two acclaimed books on dog health and nutrition with Dr. Jean Dodds: "The Canine Thyroid Epidemic: Answers You Need for Your Dog" and "Canine Nutrigenomics: The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health." Diana and Dr. Dodds also offer Complete Canine Nutrition (, a 100% online, self-paced master course in canine nutrition.

Earl Herrick

Organic Produce Expert

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Earl Herrick is passionate about fresh, organic produce, organic agriculture, and healthy living. As the owner of Earl’s Organic Produce, the premier wholesale distributor of solely organic fruits and vegetables in Northern California, Earl is improving the way we eat, every day. He lends his voice and expertise every week to our radio show An Organic Conversation, as he educates the world on sustainable agriculture and how to best select, store, and consume organic fruits and vegetables.

Megan Cain

Garden Educator

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Megan Cain is setting out to create a legion of gardening addicts that successfully and passionately grow their own food. Through her gardening education business, The Creative Vegetable Gardener, she helps people get more from their gardens by first mastering the essentials and then indulging in the colorful details that make gardening not just a favorite pastime, but a lifestyle.

Heidi Buttery

Certified Nutrition Consultant

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Heidi Buttery is a certified nutritionist who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She helps athletes focus on their relationship to food and educates them, based on 4 pillars: consciousness, gratitude, sound science and positivity. She offers meal planning, race fueling and unique recommendations to fit lifestyle, budget and goals.

Megan Morris


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After studying the intricate connection between food and chronic illness, Megan Morris co-founded Prescribe Nutrition, a nutrition company dedicated to helping people restore their relationship with food and uncover the diet that works best for them. Megan is particularly passionate about the links between food, digestion and helping people feel better. She lives in San Francisco with her dog Fozzie Bear.

Kristen Ponger

Co-Founder, Content Director

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Kristen is a social & environmental activist, yogi, dog-lover, amateur naturalist and producer of spontaneous organic conversation. She holds a B.A. in Journalism from The University of South Carolina, and has over 10 years experience working as an environmental advocate from coast-to-coast. Whether cooking for friends or backpacking with her partner and their dog Tela, Kristen is always broadcasting the benefits of an organic lifestyle.

Helge Hellberg

Co-Founder, CEO

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As an ecologist and advocate for sustainable agriculture, Helge has been promoting organic food, human health, and environmental health for most of his career. When Helge is not hosting his radio show An Organic Conversation or working as Executive Coach on leadership development or communications, you will find him hiking somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. His contributions and projects have been featured in articles and TV segments on CNN, ABC, and CBS, the Huffington Post, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Mother Earth Magazine.

Ben VanderVeen

Senior Designer, Art Director

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Ben is a designer and filmmaker living and working in Portland, Oregon. Passionate about the environment, sustainability, technology and journalism, Ben has spent his career working as a visual storyteller. Whether it's partnering with great organizations like the Organic Media Network, or running his art & design website Moss and Fog (, Ben tries to instill creativity and energy into all of his work. You can find more information at

An Organic Conversation
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An Organic Conversation is the preeminent site on the web for those wanting to live an organic lifestyle. Through thoughtful and informative journalism, we hope to enrich your health and your lives while helping to protect the planet. An Organic Conversation also has a weekly podcast and radio show that features lifestyle segments to inspire health, sustainability, and mindfulness through interviews with authors, filmmakers, non-profits, and changemakers. Hosted by Ecologist and Organic Food Advocate Helge Hellberg.

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