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A Plastic Ocean: A Critical View on Our Planet’s Plastic Pollution

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  1. Peter Bawa says:

    Please send more information on the film and how I (and my family) can help. Thanks for all of your work.

  2. A documentary so timely, and profoundly captures the most pressing environmental issue that is plaguing the Pacific Ocean today. We see it’s impact (plastic pollution) so vividly in Solomon Islands, it’s heart wrenching, and disturbing. All should be made aware of this issue, but strong measures of controlling and managing waste disposal should come from our Pacific governments. We would like to share this story/documentary with our network of communities. How do we get a copy.

  3. Sumru Ramsey says:

    I wish we are more open to recycling and just stop using soo much plastic. It is awful and we do cause so many unnecessay changes to the Earth.

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