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Earl Herrick is passionate about fresh, organic produce, organic agriculture, and healthy living. As the owner of Earl’s Organic Produce, the premier wholesale distributor of solely organic fruits and vegetables in Northern California, Earl is improving the way we eat, every day. He lends his voice and expertise every week to our radio show An Organic Conversation, as he educates the world on sustainable agriculture and how to best select, store, and consume organic fruits and vegetables.

Learn How to Cut Peaches in 2 Minutes

Chef Sita and Earl Herrick of Earl’s Organic Produce explain the difference between “cling” and “freestone” peaches and how to cut them. Originally posted 2019-01-15 12:50:37.

How do I Eat a Kumquat?

What’s a kumquat and what’s the besat way to eat it? Find out in this quick episode where Earl Herrick of Earl’s Organic Produce speaks with Chef Sita about kumquats. Originally posted 2019-01-15 12:49:53.

Strawberry and Macadamia Nut Salad

Strawberries are here! No better way than to enjoy them with a refreshing light salad that has you tasting the tropics. I was inspired to make this strawberry and macadamia nut salad from a visit to Maui. Strawberry and Macadamia…

Your Guide to Winter Squash

Winter squash makes a beautiful decoration but it is also tasty and nutritious. Curious about the different varieties available? In this episode, Chef Sita and Earl Herrick from Earl’s Organic Produce give us a quick guide to winter squash. Originally…

A Quick, Helpful Guide to Citrus

Chef Sita and Earl Herrick of Earl’s Organic Produce show us different varieties of citrus and explain the differences between each type. Check out this short, helpful guide to citrus and then try one of these delicious citrus salad recipes. Originally…

How to Pick a Perfect Peach

Everything you need to know about peaches. How to pick a perfect peach and how to store it. With Earl Herrick of Earl’s Organic Produce. Originally posted 2019-01-15 12:50:12.

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