Let’s talk wellness. Mindfulness, natural ways to de-stress, nature, self-care. What can you do for your wellness?

holistic chiropractic - holistic chiropractor - natural chiropractor - chiropractic care wellness - bodywork - wellness
What is Holistic Chiropractic Care? An Alternative to Traditional Medicine

Most of us live in an urban environment, where we sit at our desks and…

touch of the cook - soup - thoughts
The Secret Ingredient is the Touch of the Cook

I had soup last Friday evening, made by a street vendor in the mission district…

personal growth - professional growth - personal coaching - growth - executive coaching - awareness - mindfulness - leadership - alignment
Personal Growth – How to Create the Best Version of Yourself

Let’s take a look at the human potential. How can we expand from our childhood,…

sacred space - meditation - breathing - mindfulness - pranayama - conscious living - breath
The Sacred Space Between Exhale and Inhale: When the World Inside of Us Quiets

Usually, breathing is referred to as inhale and exhale. But when we relax and pay attention,…

hawaiian culture - Hawaii - life lessons - practice kindness - interconnection
Island Wisdom: The Lessons We Can Learn from Hawaiian Culture

There is a deep reverence and respect for the Elements of Water, Sky, and Earth,…

love letter - appreciation - gratitude - inner beauty - change
Changing the World, One Love Letter at a Time

I recently was asked by a listener how we can most successfully create a better world…

foodie adventure part III - hawaiian foodie adventure part III - hawaii - epic5 challenge - ultra-race - nutritionist - hawaiian islands - maui - big island - hilo - smoothies - local food - runners - running - race
A Hawaiian Foodie Adventure (Part III)- The Finale!

Welcome to Heidi’s Hawaiian foodie adventure part III. If you haven’t already, check out Part I and Part…

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