Let’s talk wellness. Mindfulness, natural ways to de-stress, nature, self-care. What can you do for your wellness?

ways to de-stress - stress - mindfulness - happiness - relax
Three Easy Ways to De-stress

1. Ways to De-Stress At Work Limiting the amount of time you spend on email…

simple gifts - simple act of giving - inspiration - gratitude - epic5 challenge - hawaii - green media - an organic conversation - helge hellberg
The Art of Giving Simple Gifts

Running along the coast of the picturesque Maui shoreline, in the early morning hours, with…

eco-friendly books - gift -gift ideas - eco-friendly - holidays -holiday gift - books - childrens books - an organic conversation - green media - green living - education - inspiration - helge hellberg
Two Eco-Friendly Children’s Books That Make Perfect Gifts

Looking for eco-friendly holiday gifts for the kids in your life? The Farm Animal Rescue…

soil - ecology - micro-organisms - interconnectivity
Life Beneath the Surface: How Soil Connects Us

There is a universe beneath our feet – billions of micro-organisms in a teaspoon full…

sacred space - meditation - breathing - mindfulness - pranayama - conscious living - breath
The Sacred Space Between Exhale and Inhale: When the World Inside of Us Quiets

Usually, breathing is referred to as inhale and exhale. But when we relax and pay attention,…

journey to becoming a runner - journey into running - casual jogger to ultra-runner - jogging - running - racing - training - fitness - fitness journey - 5K - 10K
What it Takes to Make the Journey from Casual Jogger to Ultra-Runner

For many years, I reserved the ‘runner’ title for those who ran often, usually fast,…

Prescribe Nutrition - nutritionist - nutritionists - organic nutritionists - organic nutritionist - nutrition - healthy lifestyle - healthy change - success stories
The Story of Us: Prescribe Nutrition

This is the story of how Prescribe Nutrition how began. In fact, it began with…

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