Let’s talk wellness. Mindfulness, natural ways to de-stress, nature, self-care. What can you do for your wellness?

essential oils - healing with essential oils - therapeutic oils - essential oil therapy - benefits of essential oils - guide to essential oils
A Guide to Therapeutic and Natural Healing with Essential Oils

Imagine there is a new world out there, a different dimension, right at your fingertips,…

What Can the Seasons Teach Us About Life?

I had lunch at Fish. the other day, one of my favorite hang-outs on the…

wheelchair hiker - 4 wheel bob - hiking - sierra nevadas - wheelchair hiking - disabled hiking - hiking in wheelchair - motivation - california hiking
An Adventurer Sets Out to Be the First Wheelchair Hiker to Cross the Sierra Nevada

In this life, in this world, you would think that we might run out of…

love letter - appreciation - gratitude - inner beauty - change
Changing the World, One Love Letter at a Time

I recently was asked by a listener how we can most successfully create a better world…

ways to de-stress - stress - mindfulness - happiness - relax
Three Easy Ways to De-stress

1. Ways to De-Stress At Work Limiting the amount of time you spend on email…

journey to becoming a runner - journey into running - casual jogger to ultra-runner - jogging - running - racing - training - fitness - fitness journey - 5K - 10K
What it Takes to Make the Journey from Casual Jogger to Ultra-Runner

For many years, I reserved the ‘runner’ title for those who ran often, usually fast,…

Prescribe Nutrition - nutritionist - nutritionists - organic nutritionists - organic nutritionist - nutrition - healthy lifestyle - healthy change - success stories
The Story of Us: Prescribe Nutrition

This is the story of how Prescribe Nutrition how began. In fact, it began with…

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