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Food Waste Reconsidered – Part I

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  1. Clave Wilson says:

    I’ve pledge to make my household as close to waste-free as possible. This is how all of us can start. I accumulate all perishable food waste in a secure plastic bag and store it out of the way in the fridge. Once a certain amount is accumulated I go to a nearby forest and disperse it along the forest floor. This matter consist of stems from various leafy greens, fruit cores, peels and other vegetable matter. What isn’t eaten by wildlife simply degrades and enriches the soil – like composting of a different sort. Of course this has to be done mindfully as not to create any ugliness. Also it helps that my diet is plant-based but it may even be possible with mixed diets. Of course home composting is always an alternative. Similarly at an office building I worked I often diverted many cases of dated produce (apples, pears, bananas, etc.) to the forest where it fed deer, raccons and a host of others. The rest fed the plants. The key friends is don’t be shy or worry about being too forthright on this issue. Food is sacred and we’re wasting far too much. Remember this is on YOUR mind because you’ve been called to do something. Just know there are many others like you equally aware, concerned and quietly seeking to change such gross inefficiencies. Be bold – you have more unseen support than you know.

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